“Memories are like little plants growing threw the cracks in the concrete, you try to pull them out and they just grow back. They are buried; they are part of the earth. They will always be here…”

             This Monday, I got the opportunity to watch the short film Maintenance, written and directed by Dale Oates. It had a very unique perspective on supernatural experiences threw the eyes of a young girl who turns out to be a medium. Maintenance is most definitely a film to remember.

This film is mainly about a young girl who has experiences at a house that her father takes care of every Thursday afternoon. She claims to remember the house and refers to it as the house down the street that no one lived in any more. The lady that lived there died years ago. She used to look after the little girls father and he always talked about the woman. The girl believes that her father’s memories of her must have been happy memories that he doesn’t want to fade away.

The main character also has many memories of that house as well; lots of memories. She feels the memories in places- that was always her thing. She says that some memories are so powerful that spirits are attached to them and can leave. There are so many things in that house. Hidden things, trapped in dust: things waiting to be found.

The little girl begins to sense things. She was young when she found out she had this ability. She didn’t fully understand it, but something inside was calling her. The house leads her inside. There was so many thing that it was hard for her to concentrate. It was OK though; the house showed her the way. She enters a room and sees the spirit of the old woman that her dad was so very fond of. She sits with the woman and continues to watch the television with her, appearing to be completely at ease. It was like remembering a dream to her.

The film closes with the girl riding away with her dad. She looks back at the house one more time. “Before she died people said they saw her dancing on the sidewalk completely free. Her last waltz with the world.”

Runtime: 9 minutes 23 seconds

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