“Pictures”, a short made by Giocchino Petronicce, has a very interesting vibe to it. Although it is basically a slideshow of pictures, its sequence gives it the feel as if it were made to be a stop motion animation piece. Also, even though most of the pictures appear to be happy and joyful, there are a couple dark and mysterious photographs in there as well. All together, it gives the short a very pleasing affect.

Giocchino Petronicce specialized in film direction and sound while attending the Superior School of Broadcast in 2012. This does not surprise me in the least bit, because his choice of music leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat, almost transferring you into another world, while you’re watching this masterpiece. Petronicce seamlessly put together 80,000 photographs, compiled over three years, in a way to make it feel as if you were actually there with him- seeing what he was seeing and feeling what his subjects felt.

Just remember, “Say Cheese.”

Runtime: 2 minutes 42 seconds

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