The Leaf Woman and the Centaur: Episode 1

“The Leaf Woman and the Centaur: Episode 1,” created by Jordan Bruner, is what I believe to be his visual representation of the Big Bang Theory. The beginning of the video is just a black screen with a few specs on, which represents the universe. In the middle of the screen hieroglyphics appear and rapidly change eventually stopping on an eye, which transforms into a leaf. The leaf then multiplies into a group of leafs which make up the leaf woman.

The leaf woman represents two things, creation and mother earth. She manifests seeds into her had which essentially represents life. She plants these seeds in the darkness of the sky and out come all these different things. The first seed she plants sprouts water and sea life. You’ll notice that after the seed sprouts water, clouds appear in the sky. Out of the next seed comes bug life and along with them come different types of vegetation. Then the leaf woman drops multiple seeds that sprouted different mammals. First there are two bids, a red and yellow one. Next a dog, cat, and what looks to be a bloody cow appears. Then, two horses appear and begin to fight. Lastly, two humans appear and begin to make love. The woman gets tackled down by one of the horse and they combine to make a centaur.

It is my belief that the centaur is a representation of humans disregard to the environment and our selfishness. The centaur sees the leaf woman flying in the sky and instantly falls in love. Overcome with selfishness, the centaur shoots at the leaf lady in an attempt to get her attention, but accidentally hits her and she goes crashing into the ground. The leaf woman pulls out the arrow and along with the arrow comes her still beating heart. Remorseful, the centaur goes running into the forest. The leaf woman catches a glimpse of him as he was running away and becomes engulfed with love and follows the center into the forest.

The fact that the leaf woman followed the centaur into the forest even though he was the one that hurt her shows just how forgiving she is. This analogy represents the effects of the human race on planet Earth. It shows that no matter what we do to Mother Earth, she will always continue to love and supply for us, as long as we learn from are mistakes and realize what we have done is wrong.

Runtime: 3 minutes 11 seconds

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