Domestika (Series)

This thursday for college, we watched a couple videos out of a series called “Domestika” by Jennifer Linton. They were all really strange, but below I will break them down one-by-one.

Domestika: The Incident in the Nusery

This one opens up with a beautiful butterfly in what appear to be an old victorian home. The nanny is taking care of the children upstairs in the nursery. The children all have human bodes, but have baby bird heads. The children were all playing and the baby baby was quiet in the nanny’s arms. Then the blue butterfly comes in and scares the children. They all start crying. The nanny, wishing her long day was over, daydreamed about her childhood lover- which happened to be an octopus.

Runtime 2 minutes 01 seconds

Domestika, Chapter 3: La Petite Mort

Well, right from the get-go if you know any French, you might know that La Petite Mort means, “the Little Death.” If you didn’t know, La Petite Mort is basically what the French refer to as an orgasm. We all know where this is going. In this film, the Nanny’s childhood lover pays another woman a visit. He seduces her and gets her naked and begin to make love. He then rips her head off- hence forth the little death. To the octopus’ surprise, a butterfly actually comes sprouting out of the woman’s body and then proceeds to kill the octopus.

Runtime: 4 minutes 33 seconds

Domestika, Chapter 6: An Unfortunate Incident Involving Her Hat.

Basically, in this one, a lady is helping the nanny try on dresses. Eventually the find the perfect dress for the Nanny. Then the lady finds her the perfect hat. The nanny puts the hat on and then roses begin to grow out from the hat and turn the nanny into a chair.

Runtime: 1 minute 42 seconds

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