Floating Chair


This piece is one of my favorite. I put 20+ hours into the creation of this and think that it is my strongest drawing. In the thought process for the creation of this piece,  I wanted to really focus on composition. This is mainly because I personally believe that composition is the most important thing about an art piece. I knew i wanted an open composition and I also knew that I wanted to take a creative approach. I needed up deciding to make my chair look like it was actually levitating and possibly provoke the idea of the chair actually floating off of the page. It took a little while to get the drawing down because its kind of hard to go back after you’re already shading. You would probably just have to restart. When shading I wanted the white stripes to have hight value change and the black to have minimal value change. Also, I made the background have a pretty high value change. Not only to contrast the value change I showed in the chair but also to kind of compliment it. In doing perspective I purposely made some parts of the chair darker than they actually were supposed to be. This was to make specific parts of the chair pop out and also play with the viewers eyes. This picture actually looks better photographed than in person. The photograph gives the image dimension and makes it overall more appealing to the eye.


Here is what my drawing looks after critique and after I fixed what needed to be. This picture actually looks better in person than in photograph. The photograph actually flattens the image quite a bit. In person the chair actually looks as if it is emerging from the darkness.

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Summary A few sentences long. Should include: Who are you? What is your focus/? What do you aspire to? Whatwill be found in this portfolio (in broad strokes)? Check for spelling, grammar, capitalization, etc. Spend some time refining this. Should NOT include: Information not relevant to this portfolio (“I have a brother named Steve, and a fish named Jimmy”) Informal language (“im TOTES into teh database programming!!1!”) ‘shout outs’ (“Hey Jimmy! Say hi to mom for me!”) Think about the tone you want to present publicly and to your faculty. After your summary, list the following categories: Software expertise [list all software in which you are proficient] Related Work [Work or internships related to DMA. What was your job title? Where? When?] Exhibitions [Any time your work has exhibited- public screenings, gallery shows, etc. What? When? Where?] Publications [Any of your images or writing that has been published. What? When? Where?] Conferences [Any conferences you’ve attended. What? When? Where? If you presented, also post the title of the presentation. Organizations [Off-campus organizations you are a member of. Do you hold a special position? President, Treasurer, etc?] Clubs [Campus clubs you are a part of. Do you hold a special position? President, Treasurer, etc?] Volunteering [Any community service or volunteer events you’ve been involved with] List all of these categories, even if some of them are blank for now. Make it your goal to fill out something in each category.
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