Christine Chin (Art Exhibit)

On October 23, 2014, I got the opportunity to attend Christine Chins art exhibit called, “Sentient Kitchen: Fleshy Kitchen Accessories.” This exhibit was held at the Llewellyn Gallery located in SET at Alfred State College. The exhibit was used to introduce some of the kitchen appliances that she invented. 

On display were kitchen appliances that she cleverly intertwined with human body parts. As grotesque as it may sound, it was actually quite an enjoyable experience. The body parts being used weren’t real, but they were seemingly real replications. The exhibit was filled with her work. There were a variety of large pictures of her inventions and accompanying them were tablets with videos playing displaying how the appliance would actually function.

One of Chins more interesting pieces is “Breast Bottles.” The idea was to create a more desirable feeding experience for infants who are bottle fed. The piece gravitated and eventually developed into her not using artificial nipple toppers, like most other bottles, but instead she replicated actual breasts nipples and placed them on the top of the bottle. This is because it would make infants more accepting of the bottle.

Another work of Chins appliances that was quite interesting was “Toothed Tongs.” This appliance was made to replace ordinary kitchen tongs. It was created by taking tongs and adding gums and teeth to the end, they are what do the grabbing now. Not only that, but she added a muscle in there as well to guarantee “effortless operation.” This was really thought provoking. Teeth do have a good grip on things, but if you are to week to close the tongs, then the teeth become useless. The added muscle make it possible for anyone to grab anything that they wanted and could especially help the elderly.

Christine Chins exhibit relates to my field because like me, she creates things by thinking outside the box and by combining sometimes unconventional things and makes thought provoking pieces. This helps people realize that there is more to things than what we already “know.” Great ideas come from experimenting with existing things to try to make them better and sometimes can result in something brand new.

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