How to Draw Manga Eyes, Eight Different Ways (Notes)+ 3 drawings




Understanding Comics 

Chapter 7:

  • Art
    • Not grown out of human instincts such as survival or reproduction.
    • Way to assert identities as individuals and break out of the narrow roles that nature casts us in.
    • Theres and element of art in everything that we do.
    • Creation of art follows a specific path.
    • That path has six steps Idea/purpose, form, idiom ,structure, craft, and surface.
  • Pure Art
    • There is no practical value but it is still very important.
    • Purpose
  • Path to creation of any work in any medium.
    • Idea/Purpose
    • Content
  • Form
    • The form it is done in.
  • Idiom
    • Genera it is done in.
    • The style that it is done in.
  • Structure
    • How the work is composed.
  • Craft
    • Actually applying skills and knowledge to the work at hand.
  • Surface
    • Production Value
  • The order of these six steps can be discovered in any order but when they are brought together they always fall in place.

Chapter 8

  • Color has been a powerful concern of fine artists everywhere.
    • It is believed that colors have a profound physical and emotional effects on people
  •  Commerce
    • How much money you use or have affects what is seen and  what isn’t seen.
  • Additive colors
    • Red, Blue, Green
    • Are used to create every color that is in the visible spectrum.
  • Subtractive colors
    • Cyan Magenta, Yellow
    • Mix to produce any color in the visible spectrum
  • Colors
    • Picked for strength and to be contrasted.
    • No dominating color on most pages.
    • Emphasize the shape of objects.
    • Black & White
      • Flat colors
        • World becomes a playground of shapes and space

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