“The Architecture of Distance”

February 19th 2015 at the Llewellyn Gallery

Laurie O’Brien

“The Architecture of Distance”

Laurie O’Brien uses a mixture of videos, installations, animation, puppetry and her background in theater in order to create her art. “The Architecture of Distance” is a display that is made with mixed media using origami and digital media. The display consisted of small origami buildings and images of people projected on to them. Laurie O’Brien stated that the digital projections of people were her puppets and the buildings and objects that they interact with are the performance.

The small-scale architecture and the objects were made out of wood and folded paper (origami). They were put together in a way to almost resemble a little town and everything was connected in one way or another. Some of the projections of people had a concrete meaning, but most were abstract and open for representation. The message was to show that, no matter how close we seem because of the Internet or the telephone, we are still extremely far apart. Her puppets, the projections, were those people’s online identities. The idea was to give space and distance a deeper look into and to create new ideas about it. Yes, we are all so “close” and “connected”, but at the same time people have never been farther apart.

“The Architecture of Distance” relates to digital media and animation in many ways, and specifically in 3D design. Laurie O’Brien wanted to show how we could incorporate 3D sculpture and design and animation into a single coherent piece.

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