Bone Study

BonesStudy2(This is a recreation of a piece I found while scrolling threw the internet. This was done in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.)

BoneStudy(Human Skull Studies- done in Watercolor and Adobe Illustrator)

My intent while doing this project was to understand and study the bones of the human body, along with the bones of other earthly animals.Also, as usual I also wanted to create beautiful pieces. To understand bones is essential in Digital Media and Animation because, to make a human character believable, you have to know where bones would go in order to make it realistic and maintain the right proportions. For the recreation of an art piece I found, I wanted to make it a little abstract compared to the original. I also payed a lot of attention to line weight because, in the original there was no line weight variation and I felt by adding line weight variation, it took the piece to a whole other level. Balance is created in the image by adding the roses and half of the rib cage and a butterfly for half of the llium. I didn’t just add them, but I made the about the same size as it corresponding side to maintain proportion. For the human skull studies, I focused more on color, space and contrast. I used water color to paint the skull on the right because when it dries it has a similar texture to an actual skull. I choose to use cool color to symbolize how cool the the touch the bones actually felt. I positioned the bones an equal space to the center to create balance. Lastly, for the left side I wanted there to be a 50/50 contrast and overall, I wanted the black of the left side to contrast the color on the right.

I believe that I fulfilled my intents because, I now under stand the human body even better and I also created to beautiful pieces. If I were to redo this project, I don’t think I would change anything about them besides when I decided to start them. My ideal time would be to start a week earlier than I did so everything didn’t feel so cut throat trying to finish it last minute. Other than that, I am very satisfied with both pieces overall.


(This is the image I decided to recreate.)

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