2nd Biannual DMA Faculty Exhibition

Today, February 3rd 2016, I attended the 2nd Biannual DMA Faculty Exhibition. Unfortunately, I could not make it on the opening day of the event so I could not really hear the artist statements. This exhibition was held in Alfred NY at the Alfred State College campus in the SET building in the Brent Llewellyn gallery.  This event exhibited artwork from the DMA faculty.

13120756_1146195878775734_1886429235_o.jpg(Constance Pennisi)

I heard about this event from basically all of my teachers, because they are always encouraging us to go to as many art exhibitions as we can. As I said before, this exhibition was basically used to show the different talents and art-forms among our professors here at Alfred State College. The artists consisted of; Amanda Kozub, Bud Kolich, Constance Pennisi, Elizabeth Potenaz, Jason Bernagozzi, Jeremy Speed Schwartz, Larry Neuberger, Sandra Berry, and Tammy Renee Brackett. This exhibition was extremely diverse. It had a variety of different pieces from animation to a welded sculpture and from Maya creations to puppet creations. Two things that really stuck out to me were the pieces done by Constance Pennisi (seen in the picture above) and Amanda Kozub (seen in the picture below). The reason that Constance Pennisi’s piece stuck out to me is because it is to different from the hyperrealistic stuff I am used to seeing her do. On the other hand, Amanda Kozub’s piece really stuck out to me because I have never seen any work of hers outside of Maya. Not only did she show illustrations that she can do, but she did all three in different styles which shows that she is extremely diverse.

13148085_1146196262109029_719067704_o.jpg(Amanda Kozub)

Going to this exhibition and seeing some professors of mine doing work out of what I am used to seeing them do makes me want to expand my horizons and create more diverse. I can apply this to my major by taking classes I might not necessarily like more seriously so I can also become a more diverse artist.

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