(Sound Finding Form)

Today, I go the chance to head over to Alfred University to se a MA art exhibit that they had going on. The name of the gallery is Penumbra and it was created by Joshua Hershman. There was a fair amount of work but the ones that stood out were; SatelliteSound Finding Form, and Penumbra. This exhibit was displayed in the main room in the Alfred University gallery. The work was spread out across two floors. Some of the work was quite small whit other took up quite a fair amount of space.

The idea of the exhibition as a whole came from Hershman’s ideas of how to unconventionally use light, sound, photography, and glass. This was done in order to see how different people interpreted them. It was inspired by drawbacks that he has experienced in his own life . There was also a writeup about Hershman avaliable in the gallery to read. After reading the write up, you learn that he has suffered with things in his live sense he was a baby such as a lack of depth perception and no peripheral vision. He took those problems and utilized them in order to create so beautiful art. This can especially be seen in the first one, Sound Finding Form. According to the information on the gallery map, this piece was made with cast aluminum, steel, a motor, and a light. The circular aluminum was spinning on a table and had a light shining on it. It was interesting how this piece used light to manipulate what it was doing. The major thing that I noticed was that it seemed to slow down the rotation based on how close I was to the aluminum. So, in a way this can be viewed as interactive artwork.

Satellite and Penumbra were two other pieces of his work that I really liked. Satellite, was a piece of aluminum that was in the shape of an abstract cube that was being swung in a circular pattern above a black floor piece. There was also some white noise audio to go along with it. At first, I though that it was constantly spinning in the circular motion by its own forces and some very precise mathematical problem solving. Then, with closer inspection I noticed that it was being operated via a motor in the ceiling. The pace at witch the aluminum was moving seemed kind of scary to me. I felt almost to afraid to walk around it to get to the other piece of work behind it. Penumbra was a piece of circular glass on a stand with a light shining into it onto the wall. The glass appeared to be cut out to resemble a magnifying glass. With that and the light shining on it, that gave the piece a very etherial feeling and an iridescent look.

After going to this gallery, it has really helped me realize that interactive design extends beyond coding on a computer screen and out in to physical space. This also makes me want to create a physical piece of interactive work and also have my own gallery.




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