Gustav Hamilton


Today, I went to Alfred University in order to attend the Gustav Hamilton, MFA level, art exhibition. It was held in Fosdick-Nelson Gallery located in Alfred New York on the Alfred University’s campus. It’s official opening was today, May 6th, from 7-9 PM.

I did not find out the artists name, but this was an exhibition for their senior thesis in ceramics. The art in this gallery was extremely intriguing. A couple pieces that particularly stood out were Uncle Svend’s Duck and Leaning Tile.

menduck.jpg(Me and Uncle Svend’s Duck)

Uncle Svend’s Duck  was a beautifully hand crafted piece of work. It was the first thing you saw when you walked into the show and it was extremely inviting, to say the least. The craftsmanship on this ceramic duck is beyond belief. You literarily can not see any ripples in the clay and there are virtually no imperfections. Then finishing on this piece remind me of the ducks in a game called Duck Hunt. The paint job on this was very two dimensional. In a way, it looses its three dimensional feel because of how it was painted. The glossy finished helps to better reflect light creating even more dimension in depth than there actually was.

leaning.jpg(Leaning Tile)

At the front of the gallery, where you first walked in, there was a homemade book where the artist had written their statement and put it in there. They talk about their art being made to reflect its position as a piece of art as well as the artist position psychologically, socially, and geographically. Leaning Tile is a perfect example of this. It has a direct relation to another object as well as its surrounding. The painting basically is a foreshadow of its self. As you can se the painting is painting of a painting leaning up against a will. This mimics exactly what you are looking at when viewing this piece. It is directly related. On the other hand there is a vagueness to the piece as a whole as well. The artist wrote, it is “a tile covered with saturated globs of glaze that represent the overwhelming feelings I have in the studio.”

Overall this gallery exhibition was quite enjoyable. The work was extremely fun and colorful which radiated positive energy into the room making everyone there in a good mood. It’s fun to see all the different creative aspects put into their work. The gallery was full of autobiographical and fictional information about the artist- along with grey areas where the two blur together.

gal.jpg(Gallery Map)

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