Thikk n’ Juicy


For this project, my group (Jeremy Stoelting, Luzmary Nieves, and Michael Girard) and I decided that we wanted to do a collecting game. We got inspiration from the mobile game Pokemon Go and decided to make ours an augmented reality game where it interacts with the real world using the camera in your mobile device. The idea to make the game augmented reality was mine and thanks to our programer Michael that was easily done. I though it would be funny to go around collecting a whole bunch of items that all had one thing in common- they are nicknames for a dick. I thought it was a little risky but I am overall very happy with how things turned out. I think once people start playing the game they will easily be able to catch on.


For are project I was in charge of the typeface within the game. As you can see form the top of the post I kept the “dick” theme going. But, I did not limit myself to just dicks. I wanted to make sure that I had a variety of typefaces that all worked well together and complimented each other. Unfortunately, all of the work that I put into this did not make it into the final product.


I chose this font specifically because it was vulgar and hit a person right in the face when they saw it. You know exactly what the letters and symbols are supposed to be and I liked it because of it’s wow factor. Another cool thing about this font is that Luzmary actually bought it by making a donation and 100% of the proceeds went to research on finding a cure for cancer.

Press StartPressStart.jpg

Press Start is a beautiful pixelated sans serif font. I chose this because it spoke scoring to me. The original plan for this was to be used in the UI when you are in the augmented reality part of the game looking for the collectable characters. So, this would be used for the countdown timer in the top left of the game and your score at the top right.


For the collectable characters, I was in charge of doing the shadows and hi-lights. This step really brought the characters to life. I really focused on making the characters look three dimensional. Each frame took me about an hour to an hour and a half to do. I basically contoured the characters like I would a client for a photoshoot. I personally think that my background in photography really helped me in making the characters look three dimensional. Below are the four characters.

Stacy the Eggroll Eggroll.gif

Mr. Fudge the Fudgesiclef.gif

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Summary A few sentences long. Should include: Who are you? What is your focus/? What do you aspire to? Whatwill be found in this portfolio (in broad strokes)? Check for spelling, grammar, capitalization, etc. Spend some time refining this. Should NOT include: Information not relevant to this portfolio (“I have a brother named Steve, and a fish named Jimmy”) Informal language (“im TOTES into teh database programming!!1!”) ‘shout outs’ (“Hey Jimmy! Say hi to mom for me!”) Think about the tone you want to present publicly and to your faculty. After your summary, list the following categories: Software expertise [list all software in which you are proficient] Related Work [Work or internships related to DMA. What was your job title? Where? When?] Exhibitions [Any time your work has exhibited- public screenings, gallery shows, etc. What? When? Where?] Publications [Any of your images or writing that has been published. What? When? Where?] Conferences [Any conferences you’ve attended. What? When? Where? If you presented, also post the title of the presentation. Organizations [Off-campus organizations you are a member of. Do you hold a special position? President, Treasurer, etc?] Clubs [Campus clubs you are a part of. Do you hold a special position? President, Treasurer, etc?] Volunteering [Any community service or volunteer events you’ve been involved with] List all of these categories, even if some of them are blank for now. Make it your goal to fill out something in each category.
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