VHS Tutorial

I decided that I wanted to learn how to make a normal HD video look like it was and old VHS for a project in my Production 2 class. So, I figured I wold look up a tutorial in After effects and learn how to create the effect myself. The over all process was actually really easy! Below is the footage I used from YouTube and a description of how I manipulated it. At the very bottom you can see my final product.

So, basically, you start off by making a new composition using the size and setting that you want. Then, you add a new adjustment layer and make it be the size of just a strip going vertical across the screen. You drag it up so its off the screen and keyframe it on the timeline where you want it to start. Next you go a second or two down on the timeline and drag it to the bottom holding down shift so it stays straight. Make sure it goes off the screen at the bottom. A short cut to  position is to click “P” on your keyboard. Next you select your two keyframes and go to keyframe assistant and select easy ease. This makes the movement really smooth.

Now you want to drag and drop your footage that you want to manipulate into the composition. Scale it up or down if you need to. Make sue it is under the adjustment layer though. Now, with the footage selected, you want to add a “Box Blur” and set it’s value to 1.0. You can find it under “effects” and “blur,” or you can type box blur in the search box at the top of the screen and it will take you right to it. Now, just add grain and keep the default settings. You can mess around with the settings if you want. It’s all about what you are looking for.

Now that that is done we can go back to the original adjustment layer you created and have some fun with that. You are going to want to add a “displacement map.” Under its settings you will want to mess the two values- “horizontal displacement” and “vertical displacement.” You can make them what ever you want, 20 and 104 seem to work the best.

Next you can add text of you want. (It’s optional. So I’m not going over that.)

Lastly you wan to select you video and and separate the RGB channel to make it more authentic.  Go to “Effect” then “Channel” and lastly “Set Channel.”Now you duplicate the video three times. You can do this by having the video selected and clicking “command + D” Now on one layer shut off all the colors besides red. On the next, shut off all colors besides blue. On the last shut off all layers besides green.

Now, go to the bottom on your layers box and click “toggle switches/ modes” and make the three layers you created all be “add.” Now, offset one slightly to the left. Offset one slightly to the right. Lastly leave one right where it is!

There you have it! You’re done!

TrimmingTheHedge from Tyler McDonald on Vimeo.

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