Digital Painting: Rachel Strawser


This is a little digital painting for one of my best friends that I did in my free time. For this piece in particular I focused heavily on things such as line, balance, unity, and texture. I went for a realistic style of painting when It came to rendering out her skin and keeping things realistically proportioned. Thing got a a little abstract though when it came to drawing her hair. As you can see, when I did her eyelashes, I went for a 2-D graphic/pop art kin of feel. Then, for her hair and eyebrows I used some water color brushes I had downloaded and just went to town and didn’t really care about reality or form at all.

I uses a lot of soft blurred lines when creating this digital painting in order to keep the skin rendering as real as possible. Then, when it comes to the hair, eyebrows, nose ring, and eyelashes the likes became more hard edge and thick. This was in order to create a 2-D graphic/pop art sort of vibe.

I wanted the picture to feel off balanced with and unconventional form of positioning. Typically if you have more viewing area in the direction the face is facing but I decides not to follow tat rule because it makes people feel aggravated or uncomfortable, and they might not even know why, and thats what I wanted. Also, I hate symmetry so obviously I wouldn’t make this a balanced picture.

I unified the picture by not only using 2-D graphic elements in only one spot. I carried it through on all forms of her hair. Also, I used a very limited color pallet. That helped a lot to unify the picture.

Lastly, I created texture in two different ways.  The first, most obvious, way was through the use of the watercolor paint brushes. It gives those areas a really nice and defined texture. On top of that I added a grain to the overall image because I freaking love grain and its sexy.

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