Alexx Yates Mason

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Digital Media and Animation

Year: 2014

School: Alfred State College

Most Memorable Quote: “Don’t take criticism of your work personally”

Alexx was another fun person to talk to who offered a lot of advice and had a big personality. He works at this fun little company called Moosejaw Mountaineering and is the photo and production coordinator. Moosejaw specializes in outdoor retail. The fin this with this company is that they are just a upbeat fun company to created goofy content in the hopes of spreading information and getting a smile or two. They a company that is really braded towards the “dude.” Even though Alexx has the job title od photo and production coordinator, he does so much more. He does advertising, creates 3D renders of products, goes out and shoots video on location, plans a budget, searches for and hires actors, edits video, creates infographics, scales up the side of a mountain attached to a rope in below freezing temperatures to takes pictures, runs social media and so much more. He works in a team of 4 consisting of himself, one videographer, and two photographers. So, yeas, he has a small team. Moosejaw is small as well. There are only roughly 60 people in his department.


A big thing that I learned from Alexx is to try to leave you work at work. This is important because you need to be able to have time to yourself and destress so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed. Balance in your work and personal life is so important. You will find yourself doing better work if you can find that balance and keep work at work. Next, Alexx told us to be prideful in our work. It’s ok to be happy in your work and to want to show it off. But, you have to remember that not everyone is going to like what you are doing so don’t take criticism of your work personally. People have all different styles and tastes that they like and if you are not one of them then that is fine because there are going to be plenty of people that like your work. Just be able to justify every choice you make and you will be fine.


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Summary A few sentences long. Should include: Who are you? What is your focus/? What do you aspire to? Whatwill be found in this portfolio (in broad strokes)? Check for spelling, grammar, capitalization, etc. Spend some time refining this. Should NOT include: Information not relevant to this portfolio (“I have a brother named Steve, and a fish named Jimmy”) Informal language (“im TOTES into teh database programming!!1!”) ‘shout outs’ (“Hey Jimmy! Say hi to mom for me!”) Think about the tone you want to present publicly and to your faculty. After your summary, list the following categories: Software expertise [list all software in which you are proficient] Related Work [Work or internships related to DMA. What was your job title? Where? When?] Exhibitions [Any time your work has exhibited- public screenings, gallery shows, etc. What? When? Where?] Publications [Any of your images or writing that has been published. What? When? Where?] Conferences [Any conferences you’ve attended. What? When? Where? If you presented, also post the title of the presentation. Organizations [Off-campus organizations you are a member of. Do you hold a special position? President, Treasurer, etc?] Clubs [Campus clubs you are a part of. Do you hold a special position? President, Treasurer, etc?] Volunteering [Any community service or volunteer events you’ve been involved with] List all of these categories, even if some of them are blank for now. Make it your goal to fill out something in each category.
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