Logo Design (Revision)


(Original Post: https://tylerjamesxo.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/logo-design/)

After class critique, luckily for me, I was only left with a couple things that I needed to address. First of all, there was a problem with the original flash I added. When It scales down it began to look like a circle. Also, I had a line weight around it that contrasted the overall thickness and boldness of the rest of the logo. You can see the problems I mentioned down below in Figure 1.


(Figure 1)

Secondly, I noticed that as the logo is scaled down it becomes harder and harder to read that it says “Photography.” Also, the space between the “TJ,” that makes the camera, and the “photography” is not far enough apart. When scaled down the white space between them gets muddy. You can see what I am talking about above in figure 1.

To take on the problem at hand, I decided to first take on the textual issues. This was mainly because it is more crucial to the design than the flash issues. What I did to address this issue was I adjusted the tracking of the word “photography” so that the letters were not as close together. The next thing I did was move the text down quite a lot. You can see these two issues addressed below in figure 2 and 3.

wp1.jpg(Figure 2)


(Figure 3)

As you can see, even after doing this there are still some problems that needed addressed. The counter in the “P’s”, “R,” and “A” are a little too small so when the scale down the close up. This is because I’m using suck a thick typeface. What I had to do was rasterize the type, which converted the text into shapes and go in and manipulate it myself. Also, the “graph” in the word was a little heavy still so I had to adjust the tracking on just those five letters alone. Because adjusting the tracking was simple, I decided to adjust that first (you can see this below in figure 4).

(Figure 4)

Next, in figure 5 and 6, you can see what I did to adjust the counter.counter.jpg

(Figure 5)counterscale.jpg

(Figure 6)

Then, the last thing I addressed was the problems with the flash that I added to my logo. To fix this, I first, got rid of the stroke around it. That really helped the overall aesthetics of the logo, but the scaling issues were still there (see figure 7).

fig7scale copy.jpg

(Figure 7)

Eventually, what I did to fix the issues with the scaling was I decreased the amount of triangles I used to create the flash. That was the exact thing it needed. You can see how I addressed it below in figure 8 and 9fig8.jpg

(Figure 8)


(Figure 9)

Below is the final logo.

(Final Logo)

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.19.49 AM.png
(Here is the logo on grid)

Below are also different examples of the logo in use.

(Here is the logo in use on a creative photograph that I did.)

(Here is the logo in use on a senior picture that I did.)


(Revision I did after last classes critique.)

l1.jpg(Here is the revision on a senior picture I did.)

l2.jpg (Here is the revisionI did on a creative photo that I did.)


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